Childrens Shoe Fitting

 How often do kid’s need new shoes?

Unfortunately we cannot predict the growth of yor child, however we do recommend that you have your child’s feet measured and shoes checked every 6 to 8 weeks. Here at Piggy we do a lot of ‘toe checking’, feel free to come down get your child’s feet checked and if they do not need a new pair a shoes we will send you away with a rough timescale of when to come back and get checked again.

When do I put my child into their first pair of shoes?

First shoes for every child and parent is an extremely exciting time. However please do not rush in to this. We recommend that your child should be walking confidently, flat footed and with no help from furniture or people, for approximately 4-6 weeks. The reason for this is putting a shoe on a little ones foot before he or she is ready can take them back a few stages as they may not have their balance and confidence yet.
You can however at any time come down and have them measurred to see how fast they are growing. Every child is different and if they are walking confidently before this time, come in and we will give you our opinion.

Do you fit with Othopedics insoles and splints?

We deal with a vast number of customers who have different foot conditions. We strive to do our best in fitting every child’s foot, so we are confident in saying we can most definitely fit a shoe fo you child’s foot whatever the case.